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joining forces for sustainable palm oil

using local expertise to thrive

Our focus


  • Native Produce

  • Using Local Expertise

  • Fostering Biodiversity

  • Building Infrastructure

  • Educating the local population

Green Earth Agro has long committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which seek to address the world’s biggest challenges. We have been playing our part in helping societies to achieve them over the years.

Using raw materials from the local population, we are able to ensure sustainable development in two ways: firstly, securing organic certification for palm oil production, and secondly, setting up business opportunities and providing infrastructure locally.

We strongly believe in giving back to the society and fostering growth locally and will continue to work towards achieving all of the set objectives.
Football club

Football club

GreenEarth Agro is proud sponsor of the local Football Club. We are hoping to see super football star come out of our village

Medical center

Medical center

Medical centre created by Green Earth AGRO basic treatment for villagers is offered in the clinic in centre provided by commune

Computer center

Computer center

Computer centre created by Green Earth AGRO where local kids come after school to learn basic computer skills