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GEA (Green Earth Agro) NFT is a revolutionary project that allows individuals or groups to sponsor a farm in Ghana, west Africa that will exclusively raise highly productive seasonal crops (primarily corn/maize and Nitrogen-fixing legumes) to provide consistent revenues and improve food security


Through Telos EVM Blockchain technology, contributors from any where in the world can participate by purchasing an NFT that represents 101.2 square meters of land without having to go through tedious paperwork. NFT holders receive dividends based on annual yield of the GreenEarth Agro crop.

GEA is a sustainable palm oil production and trading company that advances local employment and rural empowerment in Ghana by sustainably producing and supplying palm oil (a native crop to Ghana) through a cooperative of farmers.

How does it Work?

GEA will launch this project in multiple phases starting with the 50-acre pilot farm.Technical partners will aid with NFT technology and integration to the carbon negative Telos blockchain . Over multiple phases of the project, expansions will be funded by distinct NFT sales to fund specific projects including agriculture, processing and bottling facilities, carbon credits and energy creation. Each of the NFTs will pay twice-annual dividends (with the possibility of additional dividends as funds allow) from the operating income generated by the projects they fund.

During the Pilot program a total of 2,000 NFTs will be sold at a retail price of $50 each with earlier investors receiving discounts. Each NFT will represent 1,089 sq. ft (101.2 sq. meters) of the economic operation. 

Are you an Angel investors? Reach out to us directly to learn more on how you can be involved.

GEA project phases

The project is expected to grow in three stages: pilot, growth and maturity and subsequently expanding to new areas at the growth and maturity phases.

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The NFT Opportunity

When you mint a GEA NFT:


  • Funds are sent to the project to enable more land for production​

  • You get a beautiful image from the farm in Ghana.​​​

  • You earn the right to a minimum yearly reward of:​]

    • XX USD Starting year two

    • XX USD Starting year three

    • XX USD Starting  year four and onwards

    •  Sent to your address in Telos​

  • You can visit the project anytime you like. You can even take a tour!

  • NFT holders will also have the ability to buy and sell these liquid NFTs on a land NFT marketplace on Telos which will thrive as more projects around the world follow this model using the tools Telos and these projects will help provide.




In addition to revenue share from the farmed land, owners will also receive automated reports on data including: crops planted, yields, resource usage and sources, employment statistics including female participation, CO 2 imprint, buyer and seller information and more. One goal of this project is to include automated data capture into the project, recorded on the Telos blockchain.

Want to discover more? Click the button below to learn about the GEA's technical partners and other ways you can be involved.

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Owane, Ajumako District, Central Region , Ghana


© 2021 gEarth Agro

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