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Technology as an enabler
Sustainability and Blockchain
Greenearth Agro uses its proprietary technology to trace and track Palm Oil from origin to consumption with help of Blockchain.

Our blockchain based technology for transparency and traceability enables access to all producer including the smallest and most marginalised to produce palm oil in a sustainable way and show to the world the authenticity of the product. Current certification processes are prohibitively expensive and therefore only accessible to larger firms. Our platform aims to remove this barrier.
What we aim to deliver

Building a scalable and reliable technology that will be used for tracking the origin of Palm Oil from farm to shelf. Once Green Earth Agro becomes fully transparent and sustainable, the plan is to extend the scope from the region in Ghana to entire Sub-Saharan Africa.  In future, the aim is to extend the technology from palm to other commodities like coconut, Shea Nut, Cacao, coffee etc.,
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Easy to use and personailzed

Roll out of easy to use applications to all suppliers and customers at different stages of the life cycle, gathering and storing information powered by block-chain based technology behind.
Validation of data at each stage

Authenticate product origin and demonstrate differentiation to consumers to deepen engagement by enabling them to learn about item’s production journey with data such as GPS points (location), quantity, conditions, price etc.,
Traceability and transparency of each transactions

Implement a mechanism in place to monitor sustainability factors like equal opportunity, social participation and inclusion, fair price, deforestation, animal displacement, farming methods etc.,
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