Building A Circular Economy Through Social Inclusiveness

Building On Local Expertise with a Cooperative of 50 Ghanian farmers

The Cooperative
Green Earth Agro believes in the traditional knowledge and the know how’s of the local population since palm oil originated in Western Africa. Most of the farmers own a couple of trees, which they maintain. In selling the fruits to Green Earth Agro the farmers can ensure the costs of their living. They have jobs and are proudly earning money. Similarly, Green Earth Agro supports them to build more infrastructure, including a medical center and a school.
Green Earth Agro has an incredibly diverse team of local farmers, factory workers, and scientists. All of them work very hard to foster palm oil production in a sustainable way. The team agreed on building a circular economy, which means that no waste is produced. Also the partner network comprising soap makers, amongst others are chosen carefully in order to work towards a balanced trade relationship.
Facts and Figures